Tuesday, July 14, 2009

IWAD Question with WiiDoom (alternate subject: Hello again!)

Yes, I'm still alive and keeping an eye on the homebrew scene, more recently lately...

I got this question in my email and wanted to answer it publicly, since it's a very good question, and one I asked myself midway through WiiDoom:

"...i was under the impression that the same engine was used for the Hexen/Heretic games but when i try and add those wad files they dont even read. i was wondering if this would be a pain to ask for or if not, would you know someone who would be able to work in a compaitibility or new wii homebrew that would allow us to play these old games as well..."

Here's the thing about the Doom engine, as it relates to Doom,Hexen, and Heretic. This is going on memory, but it's still somewhat fresh in my brain LOL.

The Doom engine was somewhat tailored to the game it was packaged with (i.e. Doom, Heretic, Hexen) and the engine will look for the specific IWADs, as well as checking the IWAD once it opens them to look at the header. It *really* gets the version of Doom (I, II, Final, Ultimate) from the header, and turns on various features based on that. It seems that with each new game id software made, they enhanced the engine, adding better special FX.

It's very easy to add the checks for the other games (Hexen, Heretic), but then the various features that need to be enabled have to be added as well. I think it was Hexen that had some special things like the fog. The fog effect would have to be added, which would touch quite a number of files (probably the r_* files). ZDoom and a few other 3rd party engines had done this, so I know it's possible, it's just not a very easy thing to do. It is much easier (and cleaner) to port the individual engines over. I looked into porting hexen over, and was messing around with that before I basically ran out of time to work on homebrew. I'd REALLY love to do that again.

If anyone else has a question, let me know. I'm not saying that I'm resuming development (yet), but I am really considering it once another side project of mine is finished.


Syfo-Dyas said...

XDelusion: Hello, it is wonderful to hear that you "might" resume work on DOOM. This is the best Wii news I've received all year, aside of the fact that I can now make my Wii brick proof. ;)

On the subject of Hexen, Heretic and the like. You may want to have a look at the source code for the GPX32 port of ZDOOM. I am not a coder, so I'm only assuming that the source might help you, but the bottom line is that if we get a port of ZDOOM (I only dream of a GzDOOM port), then a LOT of doors would open to the Wii community that were not there before, far surpassing anything a mere game by game port could offer.

On that note I also wanted to state that I do hope to see you resume work on your port of PrBOOM, as that is the engine which my Star Wars DS project is based, and seeing as work on the DS port has resumed, I can only see good things coming from the completion of both projects.

Besides ZDOOM breaks some BOOM features such as MBF which would keep at least on of my Star Wars projects from working under it...

...though in the long run if you were to settle on one piece of code, my choice would be ZDOOM any day. That would give us:

Ultimate DOOM
Heretic (and expansion pack)
Chex Quest
and lsat but not least...
(drum roll please)


Syfo-Dyas said...

Sorry I don't mean to spam, but also be sure to look at this ZDOOM example on Youtube.


A said...

I posted this on the Tehskeen forums too so if you read it there too sorry for the repeat but,

"I remember reading that a few years ago Hexen was ported to PSP modifying Peter MacKay's PSP version of Quake. Perhaps doing something along the same line can be done with the current Quake build and the Hexen files..?

Here is a link announcing its release 2 years ago on qj.net http://www.qj.net/PSP-Hexen-II-v1-0/pg/49/aid/94329

It will be really cool if you take this project up. Hexen was a pretty cool game. Like Quake but with a fun RPG element to it. Good Luck!"

Arikado said...

Could you please recompile the last release of WiiDOOM you made with the latest libfat so we can enjoy SDHC support?

Steve Corey said...

Arikado, I have not resumed any development of WiiDoom as of yet. Please send all requests like this to the current project lead, Dave Hudson. Please get his contact info from the googlecode site.

As for the ZDoom subject, I had taken a look at this a long time ago, but there were several roadblocks that ZDoom had that led me to PRBoom. I think one of them was the cmake requirement? Not sure of the others. Many of these Doom ports required libraries only available in binary form, so if they didn't have a powerppc library, you were SOL. Can't remember if ZDoom was like that or not??

Syfo-Dyas said...
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Syfo-Dyas said...

Is the ARM processor such as that used in the GPX part of the PPC family?

Steve Corey said...

No ARM and PPC are two very different processors.

lord of hell said...

i already know what run hexen and heretic was something impossible, because this use prboom, and it cant run that wads, but if you can find the way for do what zdoom works it will be great, and more if you can find the way for do what we can choose which control use, it can help a lot whit the lot of commands, try talk whit the one what made wolfestein wii about this, he made this and fixed too the problem whit the music. as last thing i shall say you what does what the mouse look works for free look at zdoom can be are possible, talk too whit the one what made quakewii, he already made this and thats very cool.

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