Thursday, November 13, 2008

What next?

There's a lot of activity in the homebrew scene, most of which are ports of games. What would you like to see ported over next?


Mike said...

morrowind on wii would be nice But hard. or omnicron the nomad soul or perhaps star craft

dr said...


Civil Sense said...

I'm not sure if the Doom engine supports it, but a Hexen/Heretic port would be cool.

Also, some sort of DosBox port would allow for playing classic DOS games.

Perhaps a Frotz port (I have a perverse desire to play Zork I on my Wii).

Alia said...

A DosBox port would be amazing. I'll second that.

Or if you specifically meant games only, I can think of a few classics that'd fit an SD card well:

Star Control 2/Ur-Quan Masters:

A space exploration, fleet-management, RPG, arcade-combat hybrid game with awesome multiplayer. Will possibly require a keyboard of some kind, however.

MegaMek: A Java-based (can the Wii run Java via homebrew? If not, this is dead-in-the-water) version of BattleTech boardgame.

OpenTyrian: Porting on this began a while back, but I fear it has since been abandoned. I'm not sure if it's even proper to suggest (and I apologize if not), but if it is... the info on it can be found below. It's a scrolling plane shooter, and one of my all-time favorites:

Finally, Battle for Wesnoth may be a solid choice as well. It's a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world. Has good multiplayer.

Thank you for your time!

60cyclehum said...

I havent looked to see if its already out there... but if we could get Goldeneye (N64) that worked with the Wii mote and Nunchuck.... holy crap it would be awesome. I know there are plenty of better shooters out there, but the fond memories and awesome (at the time) 4-player split screen... yeah. sweet.

so theres my vote!
Goldeneye 64.

Also, Quake II, and Theif (remember the Wii accepts some USB Keyboards...)

vin said...

okay so lets stick to things that are possible. like their source code has been released.

1. Heretic
2. Hexen
3. Quake II
4. Hexen II (is this possible?)

jessie7002 said...

Definitely a port of Duke Nukem 3d

Simon said...

Homeworld & Grim Fandango (of which the first is most viable)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to say super mario war. It would be the perfect homebrew game and is natually best with four players.

Not only that it's already been ported to the DS and Xbox so i doubt it would be a giant undertaking.

Seriously, download that game and try it out for five minutes and tell me that it wouldn't make for perfect homebrew.

Manu said...

Grim Fandango on Wii could be awesome. There's a project called Residual from the authors of ScummVM which I think they are both open-sorce projects. Check it out:

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add a link to the previous post, my bad.

Golden Darkness said...

Chip me in for DOSBOX.

Other suggestions:

OpenBOR - an open engine for Beat them up games (

Wargus - a game engine that can interpret WarCraft II DOS files (

Claudio Andrés said...

I think that will be great a port of Nebula's CPS 3 to play Street Fighter 3 3er strike on the Wii.

Reading the others post, I think that Project 64 will be a great addition to scene... Now Preoject 64 is open source.

Anonymous said...

Duke Nukem 3D would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

How about Freespace Open?

Anonymous said...

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory!

Steve Corey said...

To me, the obvious ones are things like RtCW, Quake III, Hexen II etc...
(interesting how they all use the same engine)

The ONLY thing holding us back is that there's basically no OpenGL library for Wii homebrew. That wrapper library doesn't cut it. I know it'll change someday, and that will be a good day for me. :)

dsbomb said...

FPSes are overdone. A nice, different type of game would be OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe).

devmas said...

My suggestions are...
- Stepmania (a Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage clone for PCs.) I would really love it if you were to do this, or at least your own, written-from-ground-up version of Stepmania that would allow for Gamecube/Wii dance mat input and also the importing of the .sm files and mp3s that Stepmania currently supports.

- CPS1/2 (maybe 3?) emulator. CPS, Capcom Play System, is a series of arcade boards for games like 194x, Ghouls and Ghosts, Street Fighter 2, Marvel vs Capcom, and (for CPS3) Street Fighter 3 to be emulated. There is already an open source version for the PSP that runs at full speed.

devmas said...

Sorry for double posting, but Duke Nukem 3D would be godly as well :)

emme said...

You could focus on improving scummvm for wii (it still has several bugs)

Or better yet, you could port Grim fandango!
As some already mentioned there is an open source implementation of the game engine around, but it's not complete:

Anonymous said...

Super Mario War all the way. This would be the biggest hit if it were ported to wii. Especially if it had lots of options for controls (gc controller, wiimote, classic controller)

Make that into an arcade machine and watch the quarters fly.

Anonymous said...

The marathon trilogy is a great series of FPS's that haven't been shown the attention they deserve. They were a series of shooters on the mac that had gameplay and story ahead of it's time. The source and the scenarios to the marathon engine can be found at

Jeff said...

Portal.... We must have Portal for the Wii. or at least StillAliveDS for the Wii... that would be easier wouldn't it..

ok, fine ... I'll settle for DukeNukem3.

suloku said...

Any of those simple games would be interesting:

They aren't spectacular, but I'm sure they can be ported quickly and they'll provide lots of fun.

Dave T. said...

My vote is for either:
DOSBox or Super Mario War.

Miles said...

totally would like something to the effect of stepmania and dosbox

rafalfaro18 said...

I would like something to extract the photos from thw wii to the sd card...

Corey said...

OREGON TRAIL .. without a doubt.. the original oregon trail please.

Ds342 said...

I think that a quake 2 port would be good,and some work has already been done to port it to the gamecube, but the author can no longer continue the project and eluan has his hands full with quake one and other misc things.

A said...
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A said...

For me I am interested in 2 games. One would be the old school prequel to Oblivion and Marrowind- Daggerfall. It would require an onscreen keyboard (or at least the ability to pull one up) but, think how cool it would be to fight using the wii. Fighting in this is done by holding down the mouse button and thrusting, blocking, etc. It would be Zelda Wii all over again. I don't know much about porting games and am thinking the only way this would be through dosbox but maybe I am wrong. This game can be found on an old abandonware site (

The other game I am thinking would be cool is (like a few others already) Hexen 2. I have included a post I made on Tehskeen about it a few weeks ago.

Originally Posted by u0127907
So I have been playing around with the PSP port of Hexen II which I found over in the PSP download section of our beloved tehskeen website ( Its pretty fun but, the lack of buttons make it hard to play handheld. Knowing how great Eluan has made WiiQuake I can't help but feel that Hexen II on the Wii could nearly be just as fun. Reading the first few lines of the readme included in the download the port creator Juraj Styk states:

"This is a port of Raven Software's Hexen II to the PSP.
Based on PSP Quake port by Peter Mackay and original Hexen II
source code released under GNU GPL License.
Compiled and linked with PSPDev Environment for Win32."

Here is the a link to download the game source code from the official Raven Games website. How hard would it be to adapt it to run on Peter Mackay's/Eluan's current WiiQuake build?

Whatever you do, keep up the good work!

Asuyuka said...

Aleph One, the open source engine for Marathon 2/Infinity. Its been ported to every system from Windows (if I remember, the original code was for the Mac version of M2-- but correct me If I'm wrong) to the Dreamcast by fans. A Wii one would be freaking sweet.


enfilade said...

Grim Fandango! I would love to see this game ported to the Wii. I heard a while ago that Grim was going to be ported to the Dreamcast, so a port to the Wii should be very possible.

razor85 said...

Quake 2, definetely. Duke nukem if not possible.

A said...

Never having heard of it until reading this thread I must say that Battle of Wesnoth might be pretty cool ported to the wii. I have never played it but, looks kind of similar to somethink like Heroes of Might and Magic. If it is, I know I could probally get my wife to play it with me.

Another one I have been thinking about is OpenArena ( which is a FPS based off of the Quake III:Arena open source codes Id released a few years ago.

I know people have thrown the idea of porting Quake III to the Wii and this game is pretty much the exact same thing except, this one is free. The game has more single player content than you can shake a stick with the abiltiy to run mods and upload additional skins and maps. When we are able to get networking working with homebrew, this game will be better than any of the shovelware that is offically being released for the system. Just a suggestion but, I think it would be pretty cool.

Do it... come on do it!!!

Jassen said...

It's already been mentioned above, but I would love to see ports of either the Dosbox, or a CPS1/CPS2 emulator. I think these would be feasible (possibly) on the Wii!

I would have said Amiga, but I think someone has just recently started doing a UAE emulator for the Wii :) Keep up the great work! Thanks!

matija said...

Perhaps join forces to further along the N64 emulator for the wii :D

Andrew said...

I would really like to see a command and conquer type of game.

There is a project on sourceforge called FreeCNC that has a source code download (written in C).

I dont believe we need another FPS with your Doom and the Quake projects, maybe a strategy type game would make a change..


I was thinking of porting it myself but I wouldnt know where to start..

martini said...

DoxBox and Quake II.

..what the hell.. OpenOffice port will be great to get rid of the computer.

micky said...

Marathon might be a viable choice and would be cool to play on the Wii, but Super Mario War looks pretty cool, although I haven't played it. I don't even know if its open source. I love shooters but it would be nice to see some other genres make it to the homebrew scene.

Cesar said...

PORTAL... then again we need more Strategy games so Warcraft III

vin said...

you guys, you can't just port any game you want. stick to suggesting games that are able to be ported, like ones who's source code has been released.

try looking at stuff that has been ported to other consoles.

Patrick said...

Quake 3, Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior

All open source & basass games

John said...

i doubt its possible but counterstrike would be amazing

michelovisk said...


Pretty please

tim said...

port Super Mario War! it's open source, and would perfectly suit this kind of thing. It's aready been ported to the xbox, ds, etc. so it wouldn't be too hard to do.

ESwordCD said...

Heros of Might and Magic 2

I would also love to see a "Uplink like" game come out brand new for the wii (hopefull with no typing and more mission variety)

Also though the are alot of none game apps that could be good on the wii like:
utorrent or similar

A said...

Here are a few lists of open source games I found on Wikipedia:

Álvaro said...

and of course dosbox

Álvaro said...

xpilot would be a good online multiplayer game.
pingus and abuse would do a good use of the nunchaku and ir-pointer
argametron would be very funny in multiplayer.

xyrion said...

I agree with Álvaro:

-Descent (multy?)


-MPD server
-channel versions of the most useful homebrew software (FTPii, geexbox, DMP, SDexplorer, emulators...)

and help on:

-quake 1 multiplayer
-improving Tyrian port
-making standard USB audio device driver for Whiite
-Ubuntu for AMR systems

guttertalk said...

You know, there are some excellent DS homebrew games that would be very interesting to bring over to the Wii, much like Scrogger.

A Touch of War (nice strategy game)

World of Sand

Perilous Wheels

DS Tower Defense [with level editor]



But how about a good roguelike like Powder, which is already multiplatform?