Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vin is my hero today

Vin tested out a fix for the HBC bug, and found that it works if you copy the prboom folder to the apps\WiiDoom folder. I'm pretty sure all you need are prboom\images and prboom\fonts in that apps\WiiDoom folder, but I'm verifying with vin. For more details, please check out the comments thread of "WiiDoom 0.4 HBC bug". Vin, you're the man, thanks so much!

I'll be posting a new zip file as soon as I can finalize the fix.


vin said...

;) no problem! (I actually didn't do anything particular).

I love this adaptation, and I'm glad I could help (in a small way).

Thank YOU Steve for all your work porting Doom to the Wii!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it works correctly using this. But only using a SD card, using a SDHC card a dump appears.

Matt said...

I tweaked around with it and this is what made everything work:

root/prboom/pwads/[pwad files]
root/prboom/[save files]
root/prboom/[wad files including prboom.wad]

root/apps/wiidoom/[all files originally in root]

with it set up like that, wads, pwads, and saves are confirmed to work.

hope that helps