Saturday, September 20, 2008

WiiDoom 0.3 to be released this weekend

I'm going to release WiiDoom 0.3 this weekend. Here's the list of changes:

  • Saving/Loading works (using Nintendo-style save slots)
  • Automap works (panning, zooming, and follow mode)
  • Boot.dol distributed instead of Boot.elf (much smaller file)

That's all..... OH WAIT! I just remembered, I was about to call it a day, until Scramble suggested I a way of adding preliminary support for PWADs. I tried it, and it worked. Here's the deatils:

One PWAD file is supported at a time. It MUST be named pwad.wad, and it MUST be placed in the "prboom" directory on the SD card. If you do that, it will be loaded. Like I said, this is preliminary support, until I get a full WAD selection screen for IWADs and PWADs.

BIG thanks to Scramble for suggesting this!


Rowan said...

Scramble says: Pwads :-)
Going to be a great release.
Hope your all excited.

MP2E said...

Hell yeah PWADs and all the oodles of epic features... Do want :)

vin said...

incredible!! pwad support!

Great work, man! I look forward to it!!