Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Info on next release of WiiDoom

We're primarily working on bug fixes for the next release, and will try to enable music, also. Due to the way Doom writes all music MIDIs to the sd card before playing them, music will be disabled by default, and you'll have to enable it (somehow).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

WiiDoom 0.3 Has Been Released

WiiDoom 0.3 is now up for download. I've switched from boot.elf to boot.dol, so delete the elf before putting the new version on your sd card. Here's the changes in this version:

  • Saving/Loading works (using Nintendo-style save slots)
  • Messages are now correctly displayed on screen
  • Automap works (panning, zooming, and follow mode)
  • Boot.dol distributed instead of Boot.elf (much smaller file)
  • Preliminary PWAD support (one wad at a time)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

WiiDoom 0.3 to be released this weekend

I'm going to release WiiDoom 0.3 this weekend. Here's the list of changes:

  • Saving/Loading works (using Nintendo-style save slots)
  • Automap works (panning, zooming, and follow mode)
  • Boot.dol distributed instead of Boot.elf (much smaller file)

That's all..... OH WAIT! I just remembered, I was about to call it a day, until Scramble suggested I a way of adding preliminary support for PWADs. I tried it, and it worked. Here's the deatils:

One PWAD file is supported at a time. It MUST be named pwad.wad, and it MUST be placed in the "prboom" directory on the SD card. If you do that, it will be loaded. Like I said, this is preliminary support, until I get a full WAD selection screen for IWADs and PWADs.

BIG thanks to Scramble for suggesting this!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Quick update on WiiDoom

I've got Saving/Loading games working, as well as a few other fixes. I'm trying to get the Automap integrated before releasing a new version, but I'm not going to work too much longer before releasing what I've got.

Question: How many people even use the automap???

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

FreeDoom is no longer included

I've pulled the FreeDoom WAD file out of the distribution package. The file size was WAY too big, there were compatibility issues with the levels, and there's no need to re-download it every time there's a new WiiDoom version.

Also, because of the compatibility issues, FreeDoom is no longer supported with WiiDoom. If we can iron out the bugs, it'll be supported again, but that's the lowest priority right now, so don't hold your breath. :)

WiiDoom 0.2 IS OUT

I've finalized all changes to WiiDoom, and can't hold it back any longer. We've gotten a LOT of stuff smoothed out, including sound, brightness, and oh yeah... IR TURNING. This is quite an update, so download it now! Here's the full changelog:

-- Version 0.2 --
[NEW] Remapped Wii controls to joystick handling code
[FIXED] Control stick no longer stalls
[NEW] Joystick code extended to handle nearly all currently supported device inputs
[NEW] IR controls partly implemented
[FIXED] Menu navigation made consistent with Wii titles
[FIXED] Audio now plays at correct pitch
[FIXED] Brightness/Gamma set to low value
[NEW] Framerate uncapped
[NEW] Weapon switching via Left/Right on D-pad
[CHANGED] IR is now linear

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WiiDoom 0.2 beta being finalized

I'm finalizing the changes on version 0.2, and upgrading it to beta status. The following changes will be included in v0.2:
  • Basic turning via IR
  • Weapon changing via - and + Left/Right D-pad
  • Minimap access via C button Postponed until later
  • Menu selection via B A (instead of 1 & 2 buttons)
  • Tweaked Nunchuk movement
  • Brightness (Gamma) correction
I'm not sure when this release will be out, but I DO know it will be soon, so keep checking back...