Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New download available on WiiDoom code site.

Due to the number of complaints trying to download the FULL WiiDoom? package (including FreeDoom?), I added a "CORE" package, which doesn't include FreeDoom?. Download this if you intend on copying your own Doom WAD file into the prboom directory. THIS WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT A DOOM WAD FILE!!!

Go to the Google Code site to download this file (2.4MB).


David Hudson said...

Hi, you may want to look at a comment from the last post. I found that you can include the Doom 1 shareware wad in WiiDoom. It may appease some of the people who are complaining about FreeDoom.

The Homebrew Browser recently added WiiDoom to its download list. It is a great way to get tons of apps. I highly recommend using this utility to manage apps on the Wii.

Also, you may want to add something into the "Long Desciption" field in the meta.xml file. It would look better in the Home brew Channel.

Great work and can't wait for the next version!

Anonymous said...

Can I be smug now since I was right? Please?

David Hudson said...

Sure, go ahead :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay! :D