Saturday, August 9, 2008

MAJOR update on WiiDoom progress

Ok, the force must have been with me yesterday, because I got a lot of things working:

  • Sound is now FULLY working
  • Graphics palette was switched to SW palette to fix colors
  • Controls are working with Wiimote (although they tend to stick).
  • I am working on the Nunchuk controls now, to match the Metroid/Quake still controls.
Doom is now playable on the Wii. Using the Wiimote, I can load up a new game, move around, shoot, etc... Once I get the Metroid/Quake style controls working, I'll put out an alpha version.

  • Finish control scheme
  • Weapon icons and face image are disabled because they will crash
  • Currently hard-coded for Doom2.wad, need to fix that


vin said...

whoa!! really good news all of a sudden! I'm sure your efforts have been blessed by the Doom gods (John Carmack endorses homebrew after all) and I'm sure the midecloriens were on your side too.

Vis said...

I don't suppose there would be an easy way to input the old cheat codes while playing the game on the wii by chance?
Food for thought, I suppose. I look forward to the Alpha release!

Steve Corey said...

Cheat codes could be a possibility in the future...