Sunday, August 24, 2008

A few comments about the inclusion of FreeDOOM

There's been a few questions about FreeDoom, what it is, and why it was included, so I wanted to clear up a few things:

The original Doom levels are STILL commercial, so they're not free. While I CAN have free reign over the engine, I cannot include the levels. That is one of the reasons someone started the FreeDOOM project. It is independent of id Software, and is NOT an official Doom version. If you have the commercial Doom levels (Doom, Doom II, Ultimate Doom, Final Doom), you can use that instead. I just didn't want to put out WiiDoom without having an option for people who don't own Doom levels.

To me, it doesn't get any better than the original levels, and that's what I play.


Anonymous said...

Well you could just include the DOOM shareware wad which contains the entire first episode. It also has the benefit of being much smaller in size which is a blessing for those with slow connections.

As far as FreeDoom goes, you can't even play it past the fourth map because of a bug for which I have already filed a report.

David Hudson said...

Actually, no you can't just include the Doom shareware wad. If you look at the license of the shareware package, one is allowed to distribute copies of the entire shareware package, doom executables and all. You are not allowed to grab just the wad and put it into the Wiidoom zip file. This is why Linux distributions like Debian do not include just the wad file.

Linux users can run a script that will download the entire package and then copy the wad to where it needs to go. If Wiidoom can add a utility to do that then great, but I think FreeDoom is a good stopgap that will get people up and running more quickly. In any case, nothing stops a Wiidoom user from downloading the shareware version themselves and copying the wad file on their own.

What can be done however, a copy of the doom shareware can be loaded into the SVN repo or a web link provided on the wiki so it would be easy for Wiidoom users to download. This is what the Wii Quake project does.

Steve Corey said...

@david hudson:

Awesome idea about the link to Doom shareware! Done.

David Hudson said...

I decided to look into the shareware license a bit further because I saw a site offering the wad file by itself. As it turns out, my previous post was wrong :-)

Take a look at the Debian copyright file and scroll all the way to the bottom. John Carmack himself says that the Doom shareware wad is freely distributable. Note that he also says the Quake one is not (the Quake license denotes some limitations).

What this means is that WiiDoom can include that shareware wad!!! Note however, the shareware wad will not let you play most mods.