Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update on WiiDoom

Here's an update on the progress:

  • The game now loads up on the Wii to the splash screen, menu also comes up
  • Game crashes while trying to load up the first demo, fixed by disabling the demos (temp fix)
  • Currently implementing the control scheme using the Wiimote and nunchuck
  • Sound has been disabled until I get controls setup
This is progressing quite nicely, and I'm also starting to poke around with the Hexen source code...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

PrBoom port for Wii

I'm currently working on porting PrBoom (DOOM) to the Wii. I'm in the initial stages of the porting process. It compiles now using libogc and the SDL port. I've disabled all networking support since the SDL port doesn't have it.

I'll put out another update as I get closer.

First post

This is my blog, where I'll post about various Wii homebrew projects I'm working on. Stay tuned for updates.